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<<Will Prof leave us the time?>> We ask the literature teacher as soon as he enters the classroom. <<For the article… I mean, we wanted to write about Giulia, but it’s complicated. Maybe we thought we’d start talking about it among ourselves, as it comes… we’ll sit around the desk>>.

We convince the teacher, we move the chairs in a circle. At first there is a bit of embarrassment but then the words come out like rivers.

We didn’t know exactly how to put them back together, so we decided to bring the dialogue back as it unfolded

ELISA: <<There is an underlying problem. Despite so much talk about it, women continue to die!>>.

RICCARDO:<< But why do you think these girls don’t react sooner? That is, Giulia was already afraid of him, at least that’s what it seems from the messages, yet she continued to see him as if she couldn’t forget the positive image that, perhaps, he had shown her at the beginning.>>

ANNALISA: << No, I think it’s because of guilt. It also happened to me to have a “toxic” relationship that I couldn’t get out of. He had a difficult family and personal situation and I couldn’t tear myself away. I forgave him everything.>>

DAVIDE:<< Maybe because you didn’t feel complete without him… that is, in order to send someone to that country, you must move away from the thoughts you share with him… >>

ANNALISA:<< to Da’… you speak complicated… What does that mean?>>

GABRIELE: << It means that often you girls like the boyfriend “malaise” (on TIK-TOK it’s fulloooo) and you don’t understand why… >>

SARA C.: <<Maybe we breathed the same violence at home. Haven’t you thought about it?>>

ANNALISA: << But of course on a rational level you know you deserve the “well-being” guy but then in the end you choose that “malaise”…. you see it cool… And you always feel inadequate… >>

FEDERICO: << But, excuse me… I don’t accept that it should be said that we are all sick… I mean, I would never do such a thing. I’m sure of it!>>

GIANMARCO: << In fact, he is the patient, but the problem is that no one wanted to see him, in my opinion. His parents said he was the “perfect son”… what bullshit… There is no such thing as a perfect son. >>.

ANNALISA: <<Seeeee perfect… but of what… This just wasn’t right…. in my opinion he couldn’t stand abandonment…. you should also go and see the parents…. >>

DAVIDE :<< Well, but the parents talk about cookies?!?! … Maybe they did the same with him… they saw their son as a nice biscuit outside… Too bad the ingredients were out of date!>>

SARA C:<< But come on….. Don’t be an idiot…. >>

DAVIDE: << I used a metaphor in Sà…. But the concept is that… and then Filippo’s parents were the first to talk about the biscuits in an absurd way!>>

GIORGIO:<<Nothing but biscuits… In my opinion, the “strange” attitudes had come out and how… but both families underestimated them…. Giulia too… That’s what you don’t understand!>>

SARA M:<< … It’s because sometimes we perceive things but pretend not to hear. Very often we are the first ones who do not want to look inside ourselves because it scares us and we fear the judgment of others. Thus we alternately experience moments of emptiness and moments in which we feel everything, with our body and with our head. But if the pain of “feeling” is too strong, we can’t bear it. Then you go back to the void to survive… But the pain will return… >>

GIORGIO:<< In my opinion, young people are sometimes faced with situations in which they don’t know what to do or what to think… And maybe they get angry or hateful….>>.

FEDERICO: <<What are you saying? No, it’s not that easy, it’s not that if you don’t know how to move, you’re going to kill someone. It means that without that person you consider yours (as if it were a thing) you think you can’t be>>

SARA C: <<That’s right… People become things… Philip did not see Julia-person but Julia-which he used for his needs>>.

ELISA: << But what we see or hear doesn’t help either… Think of those rappers who glorify violence, rape, “strong” sexuality… i.e. come on, it’s not normaleeee. Yet there are those who follow them… >>

DRIIIIIIIIIINNNNN… Ring the bell. The hour is over. We all stand up together. Let’s go back to the “everyday” school… But it was nice to talk about it together… very.

<< A few more times does the hour leave us prof?>>…. The teacher smiles… Maybe he said yes.

Elisa Guterrez

Riccardo Rizzato

Annalisa D’angelo

Gabriele Capriglione

Sara Clemente

Federico Bozzuto

Gianmarco Franzini

Sara Mastrobuoni

Giorgio Party

Students class 3I of the Liceo scientifico G B Grassi in Latina


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