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Today we see many female protagonists in public life, in political, scientific, artistic, sporting and cultural fields. We can talk about women in power, about equal rights.

Even in Italy, we have “finally” a female premier.

Who knows, maybe the next president of the United States will also be a woman.

We can say that the long history of patriarchy is beginning to falter and be put into crisis.

It didn’t take much: the quotas were enough to have a more civilized world.

It’s a beautiful world to live in, isn’t it?

Of course, unfortunately, I joke! This is not the case at all. Authoritarianism, oppression and discrimination surround us at all times. The right to self-determination, to freedom of thought, to freedom of the body are constantly in crisis.

It seems that being a woman is not enough to propose an enlightened government, to improve people’s lives, to improve the culture and the comparison between people.

I have heard so many women say “I am happy because anyway the new chairman of the board will be a woman, it’s about time”. And that made me think…

I have long heard talk of politically correct choices in the choice of actors in a film, in public discourse, in opinions that have suddenly become melliflue. It’s something that always strikes me and makes me sad.

I find it deeply ghettoizing. Being cast in an assignment just because my gender is feminine, or because of my skin color for the part of a movie would make me feel like I’m just a genre, a color. It also makes me a little angry because it seems to me a tease. The hidden intention of these dynamics is actually to settle and discriminate me.

Enter the game here the difference between the meaning and the sense of things. And I believe that today more than ever we must try to interpret, to read, to see reality for many more than for what it shows.

We need to go a little further than that.

To stay on a more personal example that concerns all of us: someone tells us that he loves us. The words used sound good, they are beautiful. The meaning is a wonder. But are they true words? Are they really telling me that they love me?

We all know very well that this is not always the case. The sense of what we see does not always correspond to what we see.

Women in power. A woman prime minister. But how does she do it? As a woman? By fielding her gifts of receptivity, female sensitivity, … or will he do it in an inhuman way as an anti-abortion, homophobic, racist?

Therefore, it is not enough to be a woman.

Then the movement in Iran, which sees united women who do not want to be slaves of men and men who do not want to be masters of women, is the richest thing of humanity and hope of this moment.

One woman isn’t enough, half the world isn’t enough to change the whole world.

Maria Giubettini


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