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The North in flames

The North in flames

In recent years we have seen more and more frequently the outbreak of terrible fires. It is striking that most of the regions affected by these disasters are cold and rich in water. First Russia and now Canada passing across Australia.

It is surprising to think that some of these countries, usually covered with snow or green and flourishing, are now oppressed by very high temperatures and surrounded by flames.

I am not an expert on climate change, so I would like to address this issue from another perspective: the human one.

Looking at the images of our planet a question comes to mind immediately: why don’t we stop?

Yes, because it is no longer a matter of making small changes in our behavior in order to restore a balance. The truth is that we must stop and totally change our way of thinking and acting. It seems obvious yet it is very complicated. Where does this difficulty come from?

It would seem obvious that dumping waste into the oceans or burying tons of industrial waste is wrong and suicidal and yet we all close our eyes too often. Too often we feel powerless in front of factories, industries and governments.

I try to answer to this series of statements starting from an observation that may seem very far from the subject of this article: human beings seek each other. That means, if you belong to this species, the most important thing, especially at the beginning of our life, is the presence (physical and mental) of others. We are born inept offspring, that is, we are born incapable of walking, seeing, talking, running away. Nature can kill us in an instant and in an instant we close our eyes at birth and make it disappear and at the same time we hope that someone will take care of us and allow us to survive and grow. Everything that doesn’t give us hope, warmth, love, doesn’t exist. Nature doesn’t exist.

Only after a long time we come to terms with the world around us. After we have learned to walk on our own, to see what is near and far from us and at that point we should feel safer, proud of ourselves and sound. But maybe weaning and childhood are not enough to have a correct relationship with reality. Maybe more is needed. Perhaps we need to reach adolescence and confront ourselves with others and in particular with those who are different from us in order to truly see and understand the whole world.

However, too often this healthy development does not take place. It may happen that the growth of our body is perfect but our mind has not managed to become adult. So what happens?

It happens that you remain behind and other people are exploited because they must continue to satisfy our needs and nature continues to non-exist, existing only as a mere matter to be debased and used as we please.

This is how some (unfortunately we should say many) can no longer feel a harmony between themselves, others and the natural world that surrounds them.

To quote Greta: the truth is we’re running out of time. We have no more time to waste with people who see the world only partially, who make it unlivable, who make others believe that life is just a sequence of workdays to earn and buy useless things. We should no longer give time and attention to those who consider sweetness towards nature or human beings a childish thing.

Maybe we should start saying no: it’s not us being the stupid ones, nor the naive.

Often it is just by saying no that you start thinking about something different. And maybe we could imagine a new life, a new hope.

Gioia Piazzi

Thanks to Chiara Fanasca for the translation of this article


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The North in flames