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The Mystery of Stonehenge 1/2

The Mystery of Stonehenge 1/2

“Enough, it’s over!” I thought as I walked across the school hall at a brisk pace. Outside, the blinding light of summer.

I stand on the entrance steps and catch my breath. This was my last day of school, but the very last of my life.

The oral exam didn’t go exactly as I had imagined but I don’t think I screwed up… It’s all gone now.

I almost can’t believe I finished the exam, I think it’s amazing to have completed these five years. Maybe I still don’t realize it.

I take a moment here to stop at the exit of my school because I know that as soon as I walk home the thought that for the last month I kept locked in a drawer while I was studying will peep and I will have to reckon: “school is over… and if I never see him again?”.

-Hi guys, I’m going! See you tomorrow night to celebrate!

-hello Francesca! See you tomorrow!

I walk for the last time making the way back on those roads I know so well. I put on autopilot and start thinking about him again. Dario. I think back to when I first noticed him this winter with dark eyes and unkempt hair. I remember the feeling of my heart diving into my stomach for a second and then jumping on my diaphragm like a trampoline. I am a klutz!

The whole quarter, I couldn’t even tell him “Hello” except for the time that I dropped the physics book on his foot during the assembly. What an embarrassment! I feel like I’m blushing again. I managed to stutter a “Excuse me” and he smiled at me as it obviously does with morons. A catastrophe.

How I wish I could be sure of myself like Serena, the blonde of the fifth D. By the way, today I arrived with a backpack with half the house inside and he showed up with nothing, not even a pen! And guess who he asked? Serena of course. I don’t have a chance.

Well I have to try to think of something else, after all the school is over, there are holidays and then the university, the faculty of archeology, a new life. But the most beautiful thing of all is the Stonehenge festival! Three days in late July of metal music and finally I can go! “You don’t go to any concert in the middle of Europe with a mass of metalheads until you turn 18!” The voice of my father resonates in my head… eh eh, but now I’m of age. Hi dad!

Me listening to nothing but rock, metal and punk since I was 12 years old and for the first time I heard Use your illusion by Guns&Roses. I still remember, it was summer and I was at the sailing school and my tent partner took out the phone with Spotify and we started singing quietly November rain.

Three epic days with Camilla!

Then again, suddenly this annoying thought: “who knows what he’s doing this summer?”.

Francesca, give yourself a break! His friend will go with Luca to Santorini or Ibiza and will meet many Serena in Bikini.

Of course it would be really cool to meet by chance…

Gioia Piazzi


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The Mystery of Stonehenge 1/2