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Summer is coming again this year and we can feel it, the sun, the heat, the tasks that are decreasing and the month of June that tells us “IT’S TIME”! It’s time to leave the desks, the teachers, some classmates and “our” Papillon. Separations are never simple but how can we say goodbye?…perhaps dedicating these last hot hours to the blog, and then we approached the teacher and around her we jotted down some thoughts freely.

The teacher looks at us, smiles, listens to us… it almost never happens that we have a teacher who is so open and confident ours possibility enough to let us write all articles our. It is an “advantage” that has allowed us to look at daily events with different eyes, because let’s face it, at school we only study what happened itself, almost no teacher is interested in what could be hidden behind it.

But with our teacher it’s different…<<Courage! Let’s look further! Let’s look for what we can’t see! >> he always tells us, hopping between the desks and we then try to think, we write, horizons open up and in the end we are sure that we won’t be able to do anything other than observe everything carefully, trying to do it with different eyes, little speleologists like search for gold nuggets.

Writing in a group is not easy, we are kids and everyone has their own experience and it is normal that everyone sees things from a different perspective. But beauty lies precisely in this, knowing finding harmony between several thoughts that were initially conflicting…but damn it seems like we succeeded! We realized that over time we have developed this great thing peculiarity: knowing how to listen to others, accept their opinions and discuss (which is fundamental in relationships).

In short, writing about Papillon helped us grow and above all, we must admit, it made us freer! Yes, Papillon has definitely become a space of freedom for us, where everyone can have their say, where the heavy hours of high school and their boring rules are lightened (in fact, it has never happened to us that we had to raise our hands and wait for our turn on Papillon! It never occurred to us that this or that topic couldn’t be talked about!

Imagine us exactly like this: a small group of guys riding around on one of those tour buses and admire a destination, a place, a still unknown country… in their hands they hold a notepad where they note down or draw every detail that strikes them. They don’t know the itinerary nor do they know if they reach the destination they will be the same as before… but they continue to get on the bus… every time Here, Papillon was this for us! a journey to discover what fascinates us most and we are curious and that school sometimes cannot give us.


Beatrice Arca

Federico Bozzuto

Sara Clemente

Gianmarco Franzini

Elisa Gutterez

David Mascari

Sofia Schievano

Maria Vittoria Straface


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