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The courage to go through life.

Every day newscasts, media, social networks build an image of the new adolescents as a violent and superficial generation, completely incapable of loving and passionate. Certainly some recent episodes
of news, of which groups of teenagers have been protagonists, can be an easyground for narratives of this type. But is it really the reality? Can wegeneralize in such a trivial and violent way? In our opinion no, so we decidedto try to tell something else, starting from our vision of love.

Those who love experience, experience new emotionsand cultivate passions, living life 100%. One of the many meanings of love, infact, is “taking care” of something or someone, so, in essence,
“if we do not fall in love everything is dead” (Roberto Benigni saidin the film “The tiger and the snow” speaking to the students of a class). Consequently, if we cultivate a passion without taking
care of it, without loving it, without determination, it dies, it disappears.Those who live without pathos, without love, live life passively, lettingthemselves be crossed by it and are not the protagonists. We must be happy to transmit it to others but it is also necessary to know how to “suffer” pain, to be able to suffer, because however bad it may be, this is also part of the experiences of life. In short, “our” world
love, in all its forms, makes it shine, revives it, lights it, colors it and those who love are therefore not only vital but have poetry inside.

Recognizing the difference between being able to “feel” and the cold reality of those who renounce emotions is perhaps the key to rejecting certain models and certain narratives and for this reason
we would like this article to be an invitation to life. We must be able to take our lives in hand, to be the “main characters” of this film, make it our “masterpiece” full of emotions, affections, passions, to be able
to win “our” Oscar award, each his own. We therefore invite you to look for beauty, beyond practical and boring reason without waiting for things to happen but chasing dreams and hopes, always putting a piece of heart
 We must wish for the positive, crave it, create it without fearing anything, it is necessary
to be determined when we want something, it is essential to keep our heads high; And if you don’t have the courage to try or stumble along the way it doesn’t matter. There will always be another human being who may lie down next to us and with a wonderful smile will remind us that “only lying down you can
see the stars”.

Maria Vittoria Straface

Sara Clemente

Sofia Schievano

Beatrice Arca

Davide Mascari

Gianmarco Franzini

Class 3I Scientific High School G B Grassi of Latina


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