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 I walked thoughtfully along via Sannio: first the covid now the war, it’s really a difficult period. Someone tries to think of something else, not feeling in the least represented by these incapable and warmongering politicians, having now lost the idea of ​​being able to affect the structure of society. Someone else is going through a bad depression because he risks losing the values ​​he had always believed in, now thinking he was only deluded, convincing himself that “they” were right, that human being is like that and there is no way to change it. Others are just scared of losing part of their wealth … “Hello, can you tell me where Via Sannio is?” A soft voice awakens me from my thoughts. I look up and see a beautiful woman of indefinable color. I am so attracted to her that I lose my clarity. I thought I had heard the name of that street before but at that moment I just couldn’t remember where it was. The experience gained over the years allows me to circumvent the confusion by changing the subject. “Where do you come from?” “From Mars” she replies, but I have the feeling that she is not telling me the whole truth, as women often do, she too is reluctant to give me the exact address. “Coming I saw that you too make fireworks, we too often celebrate like this” “Well really … they are not fireworks … they are bombs” “Bombs?” I was scared and appalled. “We don’t use them often but all countries are armed to the teeth, we spend a lot of money on the weapons we use as a deterrent, we need them to have peace”. She bursts out laughing “Yes yes, you arm yourselves to make peace, but come on! I fell for it! You scared me! But I like men who try to make women laugh. “I pretend to laugh too, ashamed to tell her it wasn’t a joke at all. But then I get serious and try to explain to her” The problem here is that we’re not anyway there are whites, blacks and yellows “. “Ah, I’m sorry, only three colors are actually few. With us, on the other hand, there are all colors and the more you have a relationship with different colors, the more beautiful you become “. I am immediately seized by a very strong jealousy, she is so beautiful who knows how many colors she will have been! But then I think that if the results are these, to hell with jealousy! With an ill-concealed moralism I tell her “If you make love with all these different colors, you will surely have an overpopulation problem that sooner or later will make itself felt”. “What? What are you saying? We don’t make children by making love, we make love to get to know each other deeply, because we like it. We make children using test tubes and only when we have reached a high level of beauty “

I try to pick up the thread of the discussion “Listen … (I was hoping she would tell me her name but nothing) here with us anyone knows that deep down we are all a little crazy, violent and murderous. Just open a newspaper or listen to television to hear it always repeated. And then Sigmund Freud also says it (I know that quotations always give a sense of scientificity to the things that are said, there are psychoanalysts who do nothing else). “Ah yes, Sigmund Freud I remember having studied in the books of ancient history, when the human being had not yet differentiated from animals but today no one thinks so”. I feel squeezed in a corner, displaced and once again the experience comes to my aid: it’s time to bring out my workhorse “I’m a very good psychotherapist!” I exclaim proudly. “And what is a plicotherapist?” “Psychotherapist! I deal with mental illnesses “and from there I start a whole discussion on psychiatry, psychopathology, on the various forms of mental illness but I cannot decipher her state of mind. I don’t know if she is bored, curious or amused. After a while she interrupts me, bursting out laughing again “But we don’t have mental illnesses, only illnesses of the body. In this period we had a dangerous virus and our doctors were able to quickly find the vaccine that was immediately distributed all over the planet “. “These doctors will have become very rich!” I tell you. “Not very rich, they have become beautiful, with wonderful colors!” (another shot of jealousy but by now I was getting used to it). “However, do not worry, even if you do a socially useless job, with us you will always have something to survive, we never leave anyone alone”. By now I felt really broken, I realized I was paling more and more. “Do you know that I had never seen a pale color like yours?” At that moment I realize that the only chance of a relationship with her lies in accepting my pallor and hope is rekindled. I look up but I see that she is already far away. “At least tell me your name!” I yell at her. There was the noise of traffic and a excavator that was working nearby and I’m not sure but I think she replied: “Female image”.

Marco Michelini


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Credits by: Engin Akyurt