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I have a new house and from the bright terrace I can look at the sky. I waited a long time for her, I looked for her, I wanted her to the end. When I met her I immediately understood that she would change me and I think I chose her precisely for this reason. It took a long time to fix it…, sometimes tiring when deceptions to save oneself from, envious and fatuous glances, crawled in through the back door… sometimes infinitely rich in emotions, when a friend, the children, an encounter gave me the I loved what I was doing.

Now I live inside it, I feel it is mine, a certainty that always protects me, even when I slip on some piece of ice abandoned here and there in the rooms at the end of the corridor, the most hidden ones.

I often talk about this house to everyone and I do it without defenses because I am proud of it, because without it I would never have been able to discover and love who I am. Not everyone understands, someone gives me a fragment of their time, someone hints at a smile of convenience, … but with others we discuss, mutual curiosities arise, stories are lived.

my home is basically like Linus’ blanket that I carry around the world that’s why I wear it even when I go into class. I wear it like a dress, like a possibility, a proposal, a hope to share with students. When I’m with them I can open all the doors, there are no rooms to hide, the light from the terraces enters forcefully… and then an incredible thing happens, they always give me a gift, an image, an article, a piece of life …pearls with which I continue to decorate. Thus, in an instant my house becomes a sea port which also opens up to the inevitable storms but which always has some inlet to land in.

So I tell my 3I students that I didn’t come to this house by chance, someone showed it to me…and that’s why now I want to talk about it, again and again without defenses…to restore the beauty from which I have taken and take with full hands… in my own small way, as much as I can… always give back.

To my 3rd grade students

Sara Lazzaro


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