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Is there a “law” that binds every relationship?

It is only when lying down that you can see the stars,” our comrades wrote last Friday, reflecting on the theme of love and “passion” understood as the possibility of feeling. The article seemed very cool to us and we wanted to go deeper… But how? In short, it is not easy to talk about love, relationships, emotions because when you get involved you always risk, a lot.

While we were fiddling around the web looking for some ideas, Dirac’s equation came to our aid: (∂ + m) ψ = 0, known as The Love Formula. This is perhaps the most famous equation of Dirac, a British physicist who received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1933, and tells us that “if two systems interact with each other for a certain period of time and then are separated, they can no longer be described as two distinct systems, but remain forever and somehow linked, they become a single system.” Beautiful, isn’t it?…. But what does it have to do with love? Dirac explains this concept, which at first glance is physically complicated, but we thought it was possible to “bring it back” to human relationships., because maybe even in scientific fields we can find love, passion, “pathos” and as gold nugget seekers discover the invisible, imperceptible meaning that is hidden behind this law.

In fact, if we apply this law to relationships , we can say that during a relationship, and therefore during a time spent together sharing things in common, loving, liking, suffering, passionate, it is normal or at least probable that at some point we may move away, for various reasons and therefore we have to face a separation, which, damn, It is often very difficult. What if it were possible to separate without “getting lost”? After all, as Dirac explains, despite the estrangement, there may not remain two completely “distinct” individuals, that is, the relationship had, the things lived in common, the shared passion could continue, despite the fact that there is apparently no longer any bond. Could passion, if we keep the memory of the person, of everything in the relationship that has given us happiness and well-being, be the constant that remains despite the separation?

We don’t have a definite answer, but the idea that we remain “united” anyway, even after saying goodbye, seems very, very beautiful to us.

Sara Clemente

Riccardo Rizzato

Riccardo Deserti

Thomas Zanutto

Elisa Gutterez

Federico Bozzuto

Nicolò Travaglia


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