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<strong>BEFORE THE ITALIAN</strong>

“All adults were children, but few remember..”(The little prince)

A couple of months after the election of the “new” Government, the echoes of the inauguration speech of the new Prime Minister still resonate in my head, which is why I said to myself: ok, drink up you already did, now try to write something, maybe the words lined up on a sheet help you..

The speed of these days was for us not only a natural fact, but also a duty towards the Italians

Italy is part of the West.. the cradle, together with Greece, of Western civilization and its value system based on freedom, equality and democracy.. with classical and Jewish Christian roots.. 

Pope Francis recently reiterated an important concept: “Poverty is not fought with welfare, the door of a man’s dignity is work”. 

Italy will continue to support the valiant Ukrainian people. not just because we cannot accept the war of aggression.. but because it is the best way to defend also our national interest

To the famous ‘Be mad, be hungry’, by Steve Jobs, I would add ‘be free’

Important educational institution, next to school and university is the family. Primary core.. cradle of affections and place where the identity of each of us is formed..

Leaving aside the rhetoric and institutional formulas that are its own, some passages have bothered me so much that I almost had to respond.. to the television!

I mean, if I happened to be in the area, I’d have to say something like that..

To do things right, my grandmother (from Naples) whit the third grade said: “ce vuo’ temp..!” , so rather than looking at the roots, which are underground like the dead, for starters you could look up and think about the living, and those who try to stay there, alive, maybe on a dinghy, in the middle of the fantastic Mediterranean Italo-Hellenic that so much pride should instill…

The one of assistance then, is a theme that Catholicism already proposes successfully for a couple of millennia (see that grandmothers are always right!) and if I am not sure that financing a war can help defend the interests of the Homeland, I’m pretty sure Steve Jobs meant you’re pissed, not hungry..

So what about, great job!

Finally, as regards considerations on the family, even if they are found to be hierarchically consistent (they follow those on God and the Homeland) if the aim of every institution is to keep itself equal, that is, out of time and at the expense of individuals, with human beings does not work at all so, because they are relationship with both time and each other!

In short, the only real “novelty” of certain discourses would seem to be the attempt to carefully avoid foreign terms (see Flat Tax instead of Flat Tax) but are we sure that it is so?

A couple of years ago the outgoing Prime Minister, on the occasion of the visit to the vaccination center of Fiumicino airport, after having inserted in quick succession terms such as ‘smart working’ and ‘baby sitting’ said with irony “Who knows why we always have to use all these English words…” and it is really a shame that even on that occasion I was not there, otherwise maybe I could have replied:

I agree with you, President, I swear, I will not fly with ITA Airways..

Nostalgia? Let’s hope not..

One of the first declarations of war of the fascist period was against the English words, with the aim of “Clean the language from exoticism”: Standard warehouses became Standa, the Boy Scouts young explorers and the use of foreign words generally prohibited both in official documents and in billboards (including signs of shops, so no more Bar..) penalty fine up to 5,000 lire and arrest up to 6 months!

The commission “for the Italian language” established for the occasion then had a great job (see, the fight against poverty and welfare!) and in the end there were 1,500 foreign words replaced, including dancing with dance hall, extra-strong with extra-forte, gangster with malefactor, the pullover became a sweater, the sandwich a panino and the tuxedo an evening jacket, while the Russian salad became.. Tricolor!

What can I say, the power of transformation.. 

But the Frenchman was not saved either, as the Hôtel was replaced by a Albergo, garage whit Autorimessa and Papillon.. Little Butterfly! 

It could have been worse…

Now, language policies and state interventions to promote and protect national languages are normal practices, exist in many democratic countries such as Spain and France (which however boast colonialist traditions of invasion plundering and imposition of the language to the indigenous peoples!) and will certainly be an accident but the Donbass war was started by Putin with the “excuse” of the Russian-speaking inhabitants..

In short, it would be the mother tongue to make the identity of human beings so the protection of what is local would concern the defense of history, glue of our culture!

Yeah, but ours of who?

So I would like to thank the “new” government and all the political interventions that I mentioned, because to argue that the differences in identity between peoples are made up of the verbal language means that before we start talking we are (and we remain) all equal therefore..  eureka, they got there too!

Now we just have to make him understand (it takes patience, so much calm and patience) that you do not need to change the Constitution or move to the Presidency, just change an article and maybe ask yourself some questions, like the children, instead of thinking to have all the answers like some adult does..

One could be “Before Italian what is there?”

It will be an army of elementary teachers to defeat ignorance, said Bufalino.

Marco Randisi


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<strong>BEFORE THE ITALIAN</strong>
Credits by: Pixabay