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The mystery of Stonehenge – Part 2 of 2

The mystery of Stonehenge – Part 2 of 2

It wasn’t a smart move to do so late tonight, till 2:00, along with three beers.

I didn’t miss anything the day before I graduated.

And good Dario!

But the Guns concert at the Circus Maximus… I couldn’t miss it. If it wasn’t for Richard Fortus I would never have picked up a guitar.

And as I always say… I’ll catch up tonight. But it’s not going to happen, it’s not going to happen. I don’t sleep the night before the oral, let alone the night after.

So I arrive at the school entrance gate. On the way with the scooter I looked around, thinking that I would make those streets of my city again, but not to go to high school.

But why do they all have backpacks? No need today.

Did I forget something? Of course at least I could bring a pen…

No! Here’s Francesca. She has a backpack full that… she wasn’t even going to climb K2.

Dario don’t blush, please resist. Hold on!

I could ask her for the pen. No, I can’t. Okay, I’ll ask Serena, easier.

I’m red like Crisafulli’s dress.

– Good morning, Sir!

– Good luck to Morazzo.

I haven’t been able to say a word to Francesca in five years. In fact, only that time in the gym during the school assembly when she dropped the physics book on my feet. But why did he have the physics book at the institute assembly? I’ll never understand women, worse than relativity.

And then she spoke to me that time, I just smiled. I could have said a thousand things, “Don’t worry, I didn’t do anything”, “Don’t worry. Physical review? I’m in bad shape too”. Maturity… I’m just saying, man.

Nothing, just a smile in the middle of a red head San Marzano, like the preserves my grandmother made. I remember Sundays in the country at his house, my sister and I called him “Tomato Day”, for us it was like Christmas. We helped yes, most of the time we enjoyed crushing tomatoes, then we laughed together with the older cousins and played with Theseus, the most senile horse in the world!

Let’s think about the oral. I remember yes, I remember everything. Adrenaline memory never betrayed me.

My father would say: start talking even if you don’t know the answer. On these things I must say that you know a lot, it’s a 24-hour lawyer.

I’ll also have to find a way to tell him that I won’t go to his office, I won’t carry on the dynasty of lawyers at the Morazzo Firm.

There will be a reason. Anything else, rather Letters. At the limit Computer Science. I could also say Archeology. But Law… never.

– Hey Dario, they just called Iovino. After Lotti and Marini there’s you. But don’t you climb?

– No Luca, I’ll wait here.

– But you know what I’ve discovered, Carlucci, the 4D, is also coming to the Stonehenge Festival. Our same flight to Amsterdam.

– Maddai, great Carlucci!

I wonder why they called it the Festival.

Stonehenge was mentioned by Prof di Arte, perhaps in the second grade. I was impressed by the fact that the stones are aligned with the movement of the sun; at sunrise with the summer solstice and at sunset with the winter solstice. But the most amazing thing is that it took eighty generations to build the site, about 1,600 years!

A fascinating and timeless place, where you can find your beloved woman. Maybe at the Festival!

Where will I meet Francesca again? The other day I saw that she has a skull-shaped keychain; I don’t want to deceive myself but if it was metal she too then maybe I would have some more hope…

Morazzo Dario? Come on, it’s your turn!

Walter Di Mauro


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The mystery of Stonehenge – Part 2 of 2