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August is ending, the air finally cools and we can see the end of summer. September has always seemed to me a melancholic month… Perhaps because it is a month that “forces” us to start again, to go towards the new (which maybe we have laboriously conquered!) but also to separate ourselves from what has been, to let go of what we know we cannot take with us. It is not easy to “let go”, because yes, in short, it is not that there is an instruction manual … ON and a birth lights up … OFF and you delete the “old”. It is necessary a time, to see, hear, learn to move differently and then also find the courage to say “No I don’t like this” because it no longer corresponds to me, but I take this other one and take it with me to the open sea, where there are fewer protections but many possibilities.

Once a blue-eyed boy gave me a “quote” from the film “Kun fu panda” by Marck Osborne: << give up, don’t give up… spaghetti, not spaghetti… you worry too much about what was and what will be… there is a saying… Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery but today it is a gift… This is why it is called present>>. Who knows, maybe he was right, maybe to sail in the open sea in addition to “letting go” it is also necessary to “let go

I don’t know why these thoughts come to mind right now… It will be the September air that is coming, it will be that in a few days I will see my students again and I ask myself: will they be different? “Bigger”? And I? Will I have to find the key to the relationship again? Oh yes… Every year is a beginning and deep down I like the idea of having to change perspective with them, to build a new image of us. Certainly we will talk about many things, holidays, summer loves but also the spill of radioactive water from the Fukushima nuclear power plant, the rape of Palermo, the sad war bulletin of femicides … Yes, we will talk about many things, we will return to being a community that confronts and questions itself… But we’ll also talk about that blue-eyed guy… I will tell him about when he gave me endless looks and whispered in my ear the words of Lucio Dalla… <<And in the middle of this sea … I will try to understand which star you are….>>. .. We will speak of love, as possibility, as defense, as struggle, as courage…

Here, maybe the first Italian lesson of this year I could dedicate it to love … Ambitious hypothesis, I realize but also so seductive. And my students, I know, will help me find the route … because after all they are the real compass of our journey together.

Sara Lazzaro


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